Buy Teosyal 27G Deep Lines PureSense (2x1ml)




Teosyal 27G Deep Lines PureSense (2x1ml) USA

Buy Teosyal Deep Lines is injectable into the mid-deep-dermal layer and is suitable for deep nasal furrows. lip augmentation facial contours on cheeks and jaw line. … Use of a 27G needle with Teosyal Ultra Deep. instead of current 25G, which reduces the patient trauma during the injection.

Pack size 2x1ml
Brand Teosyal 27G Deep Lines PureSense (2x1ml)
Manufacturer Teosxoan
Composition hyaluronic acid
Treatment Fill deep nasal furrows,Fixing lip augmentation,Cheek and jawline face contour reshapin
Prescription/Non prescription Non prescription
Usage/Application Professional
Medicine Type Injection
Dose Strength 2x1ml
Material (27G) 25mg/ml of HA,2 x 1ml syringes
Minimum Order Quantity 30 Piece

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