Buy Belotero Soft (1x1ml) Online USA




Buy Belotero Soft (1x1ml) Online USA

Buy Belotero Soft (1x1ml) is a formula intended for superficial injection to correct fine lines and wrinkles. Belotero® Soft is optimised for deep skin rehydration due to its excellent cohesivity and its water-binding capacity. Belotero® Soft is indicated for fine lines such as crow´s feet and perioral lines. Buy Belotero Soft

The pack consists of:

  • 1 x 1ml syringe
  • 2 x 30G needle
  • 20 mg/ml Cross-linked Sodium Hyaluronate


Benefits of Belotero® Soft:

  • Correct fine lines and wrinkles
  • Deep skin rehydration
  • Excellent cohesivity and water binding capacity

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2 pack @$70.00 $140.00, 5 pack @66.00 $330.00, 10 pack @$60.00 $600.00, 20 pack @$55.00 $1100.00, 30 pack @$50.00 $1500.00


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